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Core services


Wondering what you can achieve with content? Or how to tie the esoteric idea of “content” to business goals? Let’s chat.We typically work with clients in one of two ways1. Strategy Kickstart: You know what you need, ish. But you need some help.2. Full Strategy: You maybe have an idea or two but need to outsource this and get it done.


Ok, so you have a general strategy. But what type(s) of content should you create? What structures do you need to think about? How will you distribute, repurpose, atomize, franchise, and all the other content planning goodies?If you’re stuck on these questions, let’s talk.


Whether we worked on strategy and planning first or if you already have that in place, you’ll ultimately need to get content written (blogs, ebooks, research, etc.).As a fractional content leader, we can help you by either producing the content (smaller quantities) or acting as an editor and project manager for larger teams (both in-house and working with other freelancers)

Additional services


Make sure your marketing and sales messages resonate in the US / across North America.

Curriculum development

Build an Academy that drives loyalty, customer growth, and attracts new customers.

Brand Journalism

Make your customers feel like celebrities—and pull amazing content from their stories.


Get new leads and draw them in with an educational ebook.

Editing and project management

We'll work with your freelancers and coach your in-house writers to build a deep bench of capable creators.

Customer success content

Help existing customers solve even more problems.

A boutique initiative

Stefan Palios

My belief is that every piece of content is an employee. When we work together, my focus is on understanding content's "job description" and creating the right deliverable for your business goals.A bit about me:I tried (and failed) to start my own tech company in 2016. From the ashes of that failure came writing and freelancing.Today, my team and I work with a variety of amazing tech and tech-enabled companies across Canada, the US, and Europe. I’ve also taught over 1,000 freelancers in my courses, talks, and at events.Learn more about me on my personal website

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